Sunday, January 30, 2011

App Review: Dead Space

Rating: 5/5

Price: $9.99 for iPad, $6.99 for iPhone/iPod Touch


If you are a fan of the original Dead Space and own an iDevice, you really owe it to yourself to get this app. Dead Space is also sure to win over any fans of the survival horror genre in general. It is a hefty price tag but, in my opinion, it is completely worth it.

I was a unsure at first how well this game would translate into an app but the trailers wooed me into giving it a shot. I was not disappointed. The game is, for one, beautifully made. The graphics are easily some of the best, if not the, that I have seen on the iPad (I can't attest to the iPhone/iPod Touch version but I'm guessing it is equally impressive).

The storyline is very interesting and fits nicely into the Dead Space series' world. It follows not the original game's Isaac Clarke but a new character. This game fills in a chunk of the story left by the original Dead Space and Dead Space 2 and is great for fans who want to experience all aspects of the story.

The controls were surprisingly very easy to manipulate and delivered all the lovely limb-destroying experience that we would expect from a Dead Space game. Most objects are interacted with using a simple click of the screen on any particular object.

Lastly, the environment of the app version of Dead Space is really amazing. I doubted that terrifying video games could be translated properly to a mobile device but EA proved me wrong. The lights flicker, the area goes dark, emergency lights kick in, the terrific audio keep you nailed to the edge of your seat and everything else in this game adds up to a horrifyingly fun experience.

- Amazing graphics, audio, controls, and basically everything.

- I really can't think of any flaws in this game. EA really nailed it.

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